Behind the scenes of Girls&Peace with SNSD

SNSD Korean

Some press conference footage and adorable BTS cuts from SNSD‘s recent Girls&Peace Seoul concert, kindly aired by tvN and awesomely subbed by mogu9keu. Be sure to drop the subber a thank you!

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SNSD in a shower, literally. [updated]

SNSD Korean

Remember when the Love&Girls music video came out and SNSD were in a boat yard with 1000 fans doing the “Shampoo Dance” where they act like they’re in a shower? The girls recently had a Love&Girls flashmob event in Japan for Universal Studios Japan where there was fans, dancing, and a literal shower.

The girls were hit with some unfortunate weather during the event, the skies deigning to open up and pour some rain, but like the true professionals they are it didn’t deter them or the fans one bit. It was a fun (albeit chaotic) event, everybody had a good time, and omg look at Jessica just refusing to get wet. The rain cannot touch Jesusca Jung.

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SNSD’s 2013 mid-year performance report: “The wall you can’t climb over.”

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I was putting together some data on SNSD’s sales so far in 2013 since we passed the half-year mark a while ago, but I realised that some fans might not understand the true meaning of the data in terms of what it really means for SNSD. So I’ve ended up with a chunk of text about SNSD’s 2013 performance thus far, how it compares to their previous years, as well as some background info on how the Korean entertainment industry works. This might be a boring read for some of you…sorry!

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Hipster!Sica opens a Weibo account

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Deciding that social networking sites popular with other k-pop stars such as Instagram and Twitter are far too mainstream and therefore not cool enough for her, Jessica recently created an account on Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese micro-blogging site. Every body go check out the homepage of the Korean pop-star posting in English on a Chinese site, while in Singapore!

Her posts so far:

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SNSD cuts through the haze that is currently Singapore

SNSD Korean

SNSD recently flew to Singapore to attend the Asia Style Collection, where they were invited to perform alongside several Asian pop-stars including fellow j-poppers AKB48 and k-poppers 2NE1. Singaporeans have recently been suffering from dangerous levels of smog caused by fires in neighbouring Indonesia. Thankfully, the haze lifted a little bit during SNSD’s visit (or because of SNSD’s visit!?…#goddesspowers) and the girls (minus one Choi Shikshin) pulled off a fun show despite the bad air.

Photos by jotothel/Kaption: a k-pop photo blog (hit them up for more photos of the event, give ’em some love ;D)

Dancing Queen

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